I absolutely love the Dermystique skin care line!

Having grown up in southern California, enjoying most every benefit of its ample sunshine - my skin had taken a toll. Only as I have grown older (and the mirror stares back at me without mercy) have I been able to see the downside of the damaging effects these rays have had on my skin, i.e., vascular and pigment issues, wrinkles before their time, and an overall texture that was flat and dull. I promised myself approx. 5-6 yrs. ago to invest with due diligence in the healing and repair of my skin. - Easy enough, I thought, as I arrived at work daily at a medical spa, where a multitude of medical grade skin care products lined our shelves, while skin care reps. routinely touted in earnest the benefits of their edge while providing free lunches and products to us R.N.'s -  hoping that we would like, and therefore promote.  I have tried a myriad of quality products- from Obaji to SkinCeuticals- and, NOTHING compares to results I have seen, specifically in fine lines and texture, since I began a daily regime of Dermystique approx. 1 1/2 yrs. ago. The product line is extensive, and geared to a variety of skin types (I am of fair to medium complexion, with a hypersensitivity to most ingredients).

My daily routine / the must haves:  Gentle Cleansing Foam; Antioxidant Elixir, Vitamin C and E Compound; Moisturizing Sunscreen SPF30 sun protection (the only SPF that I am not allergic to) and Cell Regeneration Crème Intensive (luxurious) and the reparative effects of their Cell Stimulant Formula (Vita min C) that has shifted a softer, dewier, n e w e r  skin tone.

Gayle Gover R.N. (age 55)

August 20, 2012



I discovered Dermystique by accident at the dermatologist's office about 8 years ago. For years I had been using a Vitamin C product by Lancome, especially after shaving, but they reformulated it because it was oxidizing too fast as most people used smaller amounts at a time than I did. I began looking for something else because whatever was used to prevent oxidation also reduced its effectiveness on my skin.


Over time I added a few other products to my regimen including a Moisturizer and Cell Regeneration Cream. The jars looked quite similar and I once used a moisturizer instead of the cell regeneration for a period of about two months. My skin didn't look nearly as good and I could not think of any reason why until I realized (on re-ordering) that I was using a different product. Once back on the cell regeneration, I noticed a rapid improvement. It was like a personal blind study in a way.

 T. C. Reiner

August 25, 2012



I have been using Dermystique Skin Care products for over a year. While nobody ever remarked on my skin before, I now get constant compliments.  What on earth have you been doing to your skin, Chris, a friend of mine asked the other day.  When I look in the mirror, I notice that my wrinkles are less noticeable, markedly reduced.  My skin texture is smoother than it used to be and I have a youthful, glowing complexion.  I am in the sun hours at a time and I have never had a sun burn thanks to the Dermystique Moisturizing Sunscreen SPF30.  This sunscreen is amazing and keeps my skin moist and hydrated in spite of the long sun exposure.  I need a good moisturizer that hydrates my skin without making it oily.  The Dermystique Moisturizing and Tightening Skin Formula does exactly that.  It also gives you an instant tightening effect, which I like a lot.  Dermystique has become a daily routine for me.

Chris Burns

August 20, 2012



I've been using Dermystique products for the last few years and have

consistently found it to be probably the most effective skin care line


 I've tried a few other well known skin care products for men and they don't

provide the results that Dermystique does: healthy, smooth, young looking skin.

 And what I also love is the light to no scent in the product and how good it

feels to apply. As well as how well it absorbs in, and not leaving my face

greasy or shiny.

 And, of course, one of the best aspects: it's affordable!

 John Randall

Professional Musician

August 26, 2012



I have been using Dermystique skin products for over ten years. I am a veteran in the beauty industry.

I discovered Dermystique products while visiting a Medi-spa, (Aesthetica Skin Care). I immediately saw results. It refined the texture of my skin. My face became smoother and smoother and smoother. Clients remarked my was face poreless and had a satin finish.

With my busy schedule balancing work, nutrition and looking good is difficult. Stress, free radicals and sunlight, are both damaging and toxic to the skin. The L-Ascorbic Serum is my savior! It is like eating healthy for the skin. My skin looks younger now than it did ten years ago. This big miracle in a small jar has improved and reversed years of sun damage and aging. I love the Eye Crème for dark circles. I apply it around my eyes and mouth. It acts as a non-surgical filler for laugh lines. Clients claim it plumps up the lips.  I am multi-cultural being of Black, Native-American and European descent "I AM every woman." I would recommend Dermystique to everyone and all skin types.

Zoe Jones

CIAO Hair Salon

Santa Barbara, California.

August 21, 2012



"Dermystique is the best money can buy! And what's great is that it doesn't take a lot of money to buy! I've tried them all...Z Biggatti, La Mer, stuff 'seen on QVC, HSN,' etc. and the Dermystique line trumps them all! I won't be trying any other brands ever! There really isn't any mystique to Dermystique...I've read they use the most active ingredients with enough concentrations and I believe what I've read! Try it and you'll buy the best money can buy....for relatively very little money!"  

Tom Jermain LA Yoga Therapist

August 28, 2012



I have been using the Dermystique product line since its inception 10 years ago.  I am impressed by the ongoing research they do, and how they constantly incorporate the latest and greatest ingredients into their product line.  They really want to have a line they can be proud of and that is considered one of the best out there!   I have been amazed with the results it has shown on my skin!  Having a darker and hyperpigmented complexion, I have used the skin lightening cream, and have noticed a reduction of dark spots and a more even and smooth skin tone.  I love the cleansing foam and use it to remove makeup and oily residue from the environment.  The anti wrinkle products are my favorite.  The new retinol enhanced line has really improved the texture and youthful appearance of my skin.  It has reduced the fine wrinkles around my mouth and eyes, and makes my lips actually plumper!  A special trick is the algae containing moisturizer, which immediately tightens the skin and makes it glow.  That combined with the lifting poly serum is a great combo instead of makeup! The sunscreen is not only effective but doesn't clog pores or promote blemishes, like so many other sunscreens do.

I strongly recommend this line to anyone!  They have products for all skin types, and easy to use maintenance regimens.

Sandy Littlefield

August 28, 2012



I can sincerely say that the Dermystique acne program contains without a doubt the best acne products I have ever used—and I have used a lot in the 25+ years that I’ve had acne. I think they are better than anything that’s out there on the market today. Why? They are extremely gentle, nourishing and effective. The products help my skin look and feel wonderful. I have received compliments from friends and family who’ve noticed a remarkable improvement within the last few weeks. I am very satisfied with the results.

Patricia Palmieri

Santa  Barbara



The Dermystique acne system is so wonderful! I have extremely sensitive, fair skin that would either break out our dry out. These products stopped that cycle and improved not only my acne but also my overall skin tone. My family and friends saw an immediate change in my appearance after I started using Dermystique products. This change has given me so much more confidence! It goes without saying how highly I would recommend these products to anyone who suffers from problematic skin.

Meg Messina

Santa Barbara 



My skin has improved dramatically since using Dermystique acne products and my life has changed completely. Before, I used to go out with plenty of makeup everywhere but now I can go out without it and I feel so happy and confident and can be myself. It’s been great.

 Janeth Zavala

Los Angeles



Dermystique acne kit is the best product on the market! I have tried everything from Clearasil to Neutragena to prescription medicines (such as Accutane, Minicycline, Tetracycline, and Retin-A) and nothing has worked to completely clear up my face like Dermystique has! I am so pleased with the results and have received so many compliments! I am more self-assured and I feel wonderful! Thanks!

Jenna Stern

Santa Barbara