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Advanced Action Formula with Retinol Complex and Kollacin®. 8% AHA, 1.5% BHA (2 Fl. Oz.)


Aside from 8% AHA and 1.5% BHA, this product contains a stabilized Retinol Complex and Kollacin®, a trademarked ingredient complex unique to Dermystique. It is especially suited for aggressive treatment of mild to moderate acne, although combination and oily skin will also profit from its use. When used as directed, results will be apparent in a relatively short time and dramatic after extended use.
Benzoyl Peroxide free! Does not contain sulfates.

Important Ingredients And Their Functions:

1. Cinnamon Extract - An important anti-acne ingredient with anti-bacterial properties. Helps reduce sebum production and prevent new outbreaks.

2. Glycolic Acid - An alpha hydroxy acid that exfoliates the skin, by breaking down the binding substance of the cells, and allows new cells to emerge. Also an excellent moisture retainer.

3. Hyaluronic Acid - A water-binding agent and natural component of skin tissue.

4. Potasium Azelaoyl Diglycinate - A derivative of Azelaic Acid. Exfoliates, disinfects, and lightens and brightens the skin.

5. Retinol - Derived from Vitamin A. Used as an anti-aging ingredient. It is absorbed through the skin and increases cell turnover and collagen production. Gives the skin a youthful appearance.

6. Salicylic Acid - A beta hydroxy acid. An excellent exfoliant that penetrates the skin and unclogs pores. Helps heal and prevent outbreaks by reducing bacteria and inflammation.

7. Vitamin A Palmitate - The ester of Retinol. Easily penetrates the skin and helps it stay soft and plump. Increases blood flow and helps smooth acne scars.

Dermystique is the best money can buy.
Posted 24th Jul 2013 by Tom Jermain, LA Yoga Therapist.

Dermystique is the best money can buy.

Dermystique products
Posted 21st Jul 2013 by Meg Messina

My family and friends saw an immediate change in my appearance after I started using Dermystique products.

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Advanced Action Formula with Retinol Complex and Kollacin®.  8% AHA, 1.5% BHA (2 Fl. Oz.)