Deep-Cleansing Masque with Canadian Glacial Clay (2 Oz.)


Made with Canadian Glacial Clay.

For all skin types, especially normal to oily or acneic skin - This masque has superb deep-cleansing properties, is very gentle, and irritant free.

It contains a "miracle" glacial clay, mined in a pristine area of Northern British Columbia, that draws out impurities and allows new cells to emerge.

Canadian Glacial Clay has been called the "crème de la crème". Dermystique Deep-Cleansing Masque leaves the skin youthful looking and with a radiant glow. It also soothes bites, burns, and skin rashes. This product can be used instead of Dermystique's Soothe and Calm Masque for a more aggressive treatment of acne.


Important Ingredients And Their Functions:

1. Glacial Clay - Absorbs excessive moisture from the skin and draws out impurities.

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Deep-Cleansing Masque with Canadian Glacial Clay (2 Oz.)